Wednesday, May 29

memorial day weekend

before we could decide what we were going to do for memorial day weekend, some of our friends invited us to go to the beach with them. thanks for the invite, Seth and Jessica (who also had their baby there...and she is only 4 months old!). it was a bit windy, but truly a lovely saturday. we went to a family-friendly beach on key biscayne and stayed long enough for me to get a decent sunburn on my shoulders. the best part about the beach was that the water was so calm that Dean could just walk right around...that is, until he tasted a little salt water.

on actual memorial day, we went with Tom's Mom to aventura mall and shopped. we were able to go to a couple stores we love that they don't have closer to us, and we all bought more than we should have (typical when you go to your favorite stores). 

and now for some pictures...
...downtown Miami. one of the best views
...our fun group
...a little mission impossible

Monday, May 27

three day weekend let's get this party started!

Thursday, May 23

a midnight bath

last night was so much fun, but we may have partied a little too hard. we joined some of our friends to eat wings and watch the heat game, but we stayed out until after 11! Dean was such a trooper and since he woke up early yesterday, (thanks to Tom) he wound up taking an extra nap and was able to stay up late with us. the game was seriously good (and I am absolutely NOT a sports fan) and the heat won in overtime (yay!). after we made it home, Dean had his bath at midnight and we all crashed. sometimes, you just have to forget bedtime and go have fun.

these pictures are from a while ago, but they're my favorite because it's daddy giving Dean his bath. so sweet...
...Dean spends half his bath trying to get out of the tub

Monday, May 13


Dean is officially walking!!!

he has been capable of walking for about a month now. however, this 'walking' has been limited to a very few and seldom steps until recently. now, he's ventured out to take steps where he wants, when he wants. it's so fun to watch his newfound skill and also see his little face light up when we cheer him on in this new venture. I just love my baby so much and the boy he's growing up to be...

...I, however, am officially graying. like, my hair is turning gray. I knew this day would come. I mean, I found my first gray hair in high school, not to mention that my mom went gray young, so I knew the odds were NOT in my favor (just like Katniss). I'm no longer in that 'if I just find one I can pull it out and be gray-free again' stage anymore. still, I wish there weren't so many of them these days! they're crowding up my wholly un-dyed hair and someday in the next few years I'm going to have to dye it, just so I don't look 50. bummer. but, onto the exciting stuff...Dean walking!

Wednesday, May 1

I told you we really like the pool!

two things I finally did:  

1. bought Dean a raft for the pool...surprisingly, he actually likes it! (I was sure it would freak him out)
2. took my camera to the pool with us...enjoy
...proof I was there too. don't look too close, though. (no makeup. eek!)
...oh, you know, just modeling his speedo.

Friday, April 26

spring is really summer as far as florida is concerned

the weather lately has been absolutely delightful! it's been in the low 80s, but with very little humidity (thank goodness!) and a gentle breeze. Dean and I have been taking advantage of the pool here in our complex and it has been goooooood. the first two times we went, Dean was a little hesitant about the water and stayed on the deck by the steps the whole time. he cried and reached for the edge each time I took him away from the safety of his steps.

these past two times, however, have been a whole different story; he loves it again! he's been splashing and kicking and 'swimming' (with me holding him). today, he giggled for five minutes straight when we first got in the water.

also, my body is feeling good again. I fit back into some old pants of mine (really old, like 4 years old) and my shoulders are a little sun-kissed. I may even get a tan this year! (whaaaaaaaat?!?!)

this 'spring' is definitely a welcome one...
...forgive my awkward breathing at the end. apparently standing in a pool is a tough workout.

Wednesday, April 24

a personal chef and a birthday

we're all having a hard time moving over here because of the delicious meal we had today. Tom's cousin, Jose Maria, is visiting us for a few days and he is a chef! since today is Juanita's birthday, he made an extra special meal just for her. 

I. won't. stop. eating.

He made leg of lamb, with mashed sweet potatoes, a mango salad and an eggplant dish that I can't pronounce (figures). and now the whole house smells like fresh thyme, too. yay!

this is the first person from Tom's mom side of the family I've ever met. it's a good thing he's cool, and that he can cook so deliciously, because he's setting the tone for the rest of the clan. so, today Juanita took the day off work and spent most of the day with her favorite person, Dean. speaking of Dean, he's finally warming up to Jose Maria. he still doesn't want to be held by him, but he doesn't stare at him like he's never seen anyone so threatening anymore.
...the man of the hour
...and the birthday girl (with Dean, of course). so glad to be able to spend your birthday with you, Juanita. we hope you have a very special one!